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Andrew M. Dale, M.D.

Returning to Belton after two years working with a Functional Medicine practice in Austin, Dr. Dale brings back with him a renewed focus on assisting people of all ages at optimizing their health and well-being and enhancing their daily vitality through a focus on nutritional support and supplementation, weight optimization programs, hormone replacement therapy, and enhanced cardiovascular disease screening and treatment measures. This is in addition to his traditional practice of whole family medicine and wellness, including school physicals, annual screening exams, and acute/urgent care concerns.

"Let Food Be Thy Medicine" - Hippocrates

 Did you know that only about 1 in 4 medical schools offer a single class in nutrition throughout their 4-year training programs? Did you ever wonder what has led to this present disconnect with what the father of modern medicine taught us years ago? Food is medicine. Rather, the right foods are. Others can be simply toxic. Our aim at AMD,MD is to identify sources of inflammation in a patient's diet and remove them, while supplementing with the proper foods and nutrients necessary to optimize health and well-being.

Show Me Your Passion

It is our belief that to achieve optimal wellness, one must connect with their passion. Applying this passion with purpose towards life's endeavors is a key principle in generating optimal health and wellness.  Applying a passion for wellness in your everyday life will allow you to achieve your full potential and live with passion and purpose. We're here to help inspire you to make the necessary sacrifices that must be made, and guide you along the path towards generating a daily life of enhanced and optimized vitality and longevity. 

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